The Student Recruitment Support Request Form can be found on Blackboard under "My Apps", or directly by visiting

Use this form to:

  • Inform Recruitment of an activity or event on or off campus (presentation, tour, expo, etc.)
  • Ask for a recruiter to accompany you
  • Request informational material (career guides, etc.)
  • Request swag or incentives to give away at the event
  • Borrow Recruitment materials for events (tent(s), banners, tablecloths etc.).
  • Help you develop social media strategies
  • Help you develop a strategy for data gathering (prospective students, influencers, employers)
  • Help you set up a contest

How to use the form:

On the form there are a number of sections to fill out.

"About You" Section

  • Please include the relevant information pertaining to the Faculty/Staff involved in the activity.

"About the Event" Section

  • Include as much detailed information as possible.
  • This helps determine the best level of support that we can offer (ie. is a recruiter available?)
  • Estimated Attendance: Helps us to know the quality of materials or swag needed.
  • Please note that the time entered uses 24 hour clock formatting.

Once submitted...

Recruitment will be notified and your request will be processed.