Niagara College staff can submit events and announcements to the MyNC portal themselves without contacting Marketing.

These instructions cover posting to MyNC and posting to the events calendar. For all other media types (digital signage TVs, outside LED corner signs, website slides, etc.) please submit a Marketing ticket.

Posting Announcements to MyNC

Announcements posted on MyNC will appear to students/staff after they have logged in. 

To post student or staff announcements to MyNC follow these steps:

  1. Log into MyNC.
  2. Click "More Applications".
  3. Click "All" to expand this section.
  4. Scroll down to and click "Submit Portal News".
  5.  A website titled "Submit Announcements to MyNC Portal" will open in a separate tab.
  6. Please read the instructions carefully. If you are copy/pasting your content from Microsoft Word or Outlook please read the copy/pasting guidelines on the page.
  7. Scroll down to the form and fill out:
    • Your Name (first and last name)
    • Your Email
    • Post Title (the title of your announcement)
    • Antispam Question (enter the word BLUE in the box to pass the anti-spam check)
    • Post Category (select one)
      • Staff Announcements: Your announcement will only show for staff members
      • Student Announcements: Your announcement will only show for students
    • Text Box (enter the content of your announcement in the text box)
      • File attachments: Rather than attaching a file we strongly encourage you to type out the key content of any attachments as your announcement content. If you absolutely need to attach a file please close the form and submit a Marketing ticket instead.
  8. Click "Submit Post".

Review and Approval

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed by the Niagara College Communications team before appearing on Blackboard. Please allow 24 hours (within normal business hours) for review and approval. You may be contacted by the Communications team for additional information or clarification. 

InsideNC news, events and story ideas are NOT accepted through this form. 

Posting Events to the Events Calendar

Events submitted will appear on the Events Calendar. Your event may also appear on the homepage under "Upcoming Events" and/or on the Students Portal homepage under "Upcoming Events" (at the discretion of Marketing based on event type and audience).

The main audiences for this calendar are applicants and current students. Community events that are not related to Niagara College will be rejected.

To post an event follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click "Events Calendar" in the Quick Links dropdown menu.
  2. Click the blue "Submit an Event" button above the calendar.
  3. Enter the required information in the form.
    • Event Title: Choose something short but descriptive. If you have 2 of the same event at different campuses please submit the event twice; I suggest adding "WC:" or "NOTL:" to the title. Be sure to include pertinent information. For example, if your event is a workshop titled "Be Your Best Self" please enter "Workshop: Be Your Best Self" as the title. 
    • Event Description: Please be sure to thoroughly explain your event. 1-3 word descriptions will be rejected. 
    • All Day Event/Event Start/Event End Dates
    • Select a Venue: Select a venue from the dropdown.
    • Select an Organizer: Select an organizer from the dropdown.
      (If you would like to submit a new organizer and/or venue option please add those details in the indicated textbox.)
    • Website URL and Cost: These fields are optional
    • Email: Please enter your Niagara College email address

Review and Approval

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed by the Niagara College Marketing team before appearing online. Please allow 24-48 hours (within normal business hours) for review and approval. You may be contacted by the Marketing team for additional information or clarification.